Kata pairs take to the mat in Maputo

Kata teams from five African countries gathered in Maputo, Mozambique on 20 April 2013, to participate in the 2nd African Kata Championships. Although the Kata competition in Africa is still in its infancy stage, each year sees more entries. Mr. Thomas Dunker, Chairperson of the Kata Commission for Africa said “I am very happy that Kata is included in the African Championships and we are growing each year. This competition can only help us in Africa to increase our kata standards going forward.” When speaking to the African Judo Union Head Coach and Education Director, Mr. Nacer Oureb about the completion, he stated “Africa is going in the right direction with the Kata and we are happy to have the entries from four different countries, for next year in Chad we hope to double the kata entries.”

What was interesting to take note of, is that there were two Kata pairs from South Africa that were parent/child pairs, Katja and Danica Bruwer (Mother and Daughter) and Cornelis and Rudolf van Schalkwyk (Father and Son) . Judo is truly a family sport.
The Kata’s contested were:
· Nage-No-Kata
· Katame-No-Kata
· Kime-No- Kata
· Juno-Kata

The final results for the Kata Competitions are as follows:

1. ALG Akil Mohamed - Kohli Rabic
2. RSA Carel Cross - Clinton Moura
3. MOZ Ivans Chauque - David David
4. RSA Louis Truter - Graham Melly
5. MOZ Romualdo Muthemba - Candido Adriano

1. ALG Messaadia Rachid - Loutis Ferhat
2. RSA Gouws Gert - Erlank Stefan
3. RSA Schultz Louw - Melly Graham

1. CIV Gbatte Deza - Yokpro Sylvestre
2. RSA Van Schalkwyk Cornelis -Van Schalkwyk Rudolf
3. RSA Bruwer Katja - Bruwer Danica
4. EGY Abdelraham Osama - Abdelrady Mohamed

1. RSA Basson Tamia - Schroeder Deirdre

Kata pairs take to the mat in Maputo
Int.General Lassana Palenfo
African Judo Union President
34th Senior African Championships
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